3 - "Con la Musica Cubana No!"

TIMBALIVE "Con la musica Cubana NO"
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The 3rd time's a charm for Timbalive, as they deliver a hard hitting Timba CD straight from the USA. One of the main objectives of Timba is to make you dance."No cabe duda", "Tu eres candela", "Conmigo no" and "Lo que se da no se quita" are a perfect example of that. All original tunes, with a dash of reggaeton, heavy bass, percussions on the forefront, a vocalist with excellent tones, one or two lines in English and plenty of groove. This is a party CD! But as you are getting comfortable jamming to the hard hitting Timba, right in the middle of the CD, we get ."Ese atrevimiento", a rumba that has power, speed, lyrics about disrespect and of course guapería. Modern rumba does not get better than this. While you can hear their Van Van and Dan Den influence, they are able to swing without being copycats. What's more impressive, is that they are from el Yuma. ¡Ñó!

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